Everyone has a different story. We have the experience to create a tailored plan for you.

Married couple in their late 70s:


  1. Make sure we have enough to live on so we are not a burden to our children
  2. Minimize the taxes on transferring our estate
  3. Reduce the significant taxation on our retirement assets
  4. Used to managed all of our financial affairs, but I’m feeling less confident - I would like to maintain control but would like assistance from a financial professional so when something happens, they can help take care of my wife.


Business Owners

Business owner in mid-60s, married with adult children:

  1. Selling my business for $25m
  2. Minimize income taxes on the business sale and defer taxes as long as possible
  3. Provide asset protection of the sale proceeds and lifetime income to support our lifestyle and giving plan
  4. Reduce my estate taxes to maximize financial inheritance to our family


Business owner in mid-50s, married with two adult children:

  1. We want to live a life of stewardship
  2. We want to work a few more years and then be able to travel and see our kids and grandkids more
  3. $20m business revenue with 150 employees
  4. Minimize income taxes
  5. Put together a plan to transition out of our business
  6. Not familiar with investment options and want to make a good decision

Business owner in early 50s with two young children:

  1. Protect $60m business from 40% estate tax
  2. Reduce taxes on $6m of income
  3. Protect personal and business assets from potential litigation from business operations
  4. Increase liquidity to protect real estate and business interests
  5. Develop equity plan for key executives


Young Professionals

ER doctor in mid-30s, married with two young children:

  1. Just starting out and want to make good financial decisions
  2. Lots of educational debt
  3. Making a good salary $400k+, with 1099 for work as a medical director—how can I reduce my income taxes?
  4. Protect my earnings in case I get disabled
  5. I want to be a good steward of what God has given me and demonstrate that to my children and spouse



VP of SEO marketing firm in early 30s, married with two young children:

  1. Earning $150k per year and saving 20%—we’re looking for direction on where to put our savings
  2. Protect our earnings if either of us becomes disabled or passes away
  3. Build equity in investments to defer or avoid income tax as we think income tax rates will be going up in the future
  4. Expand our charitable giving



Entrepreneur in early 30s, married with two small children:

  1. Building a business and want to make solid financial choices to prepare the business for sale within 10 years
  2. $4m revenue with 7 employees
  3. How to reduce my income tax liability
  4. Put away money for a few years now and be able to pay off my residence mortgage with the funds in a few years
  5. Make sure my wife and children are taken care of if something happens to me