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A Trusted Advisor gives confidence in an uncertain world.

That's why CPAs, attorneys, and business owners, from San Diego to Seattle, refer their friends to Davies Financial Advisors, Inc.

Innovative wealth management combines objective analysis, creative strategies, and personal service. When that kind of wealth management and exit planning comes from one source, you can simplify your financial life by tapping into that source.

Some business owners rely on a “piecemeal” wealth plan, the sum of little pieces of financial advice gleaned over the years. This kind of incidental financial planning can breed financial contradiction and missed opportunities. Other business owners buy financial products—such as insurance and investments—but have no plan to guide the wealth they're accumulating.

Davies Financial Advisors, Inc., offers a great alternative. Instead of having to rely on advice from all corners, or no advice at all, you can turn to a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. Davies Financial Advisors, Inc., can help you coordinate your business exit planning and wealth management with your estate and investment planning.

Needs and opportunities change; shouldn't your planning? That's why we follow a process of planning that allows for the flexibility that life brings. Andy will help you to determine and focus on long-range goals and help you put in place strategies that serve to develop your financial vision into a reality.

By providing dynamic solutions for targeting and preserving wealth for our clients, we are working hard to align our interests with the interests of our clients.

Instead of getting advice from “all comers,” you will receive consistent, competent planning advice from Davies Financial Advisors, Inc.—planning that will help you build your financial vision.

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